"Authentic, Educational"

"All of the weaving processes were fascinating to see in person. I even got to try out the footloom myself! I learned a lot about the unique textiles seen all over Santiago, which helped me appreciate my time there even more"

Museum Tours

The Cojolya Association Weaving Museum showcases the process of backstrap loom weaving as it is practiced by Tz'utujil Maya artisans, as well as historical and modern styles of traje, or traditional Maya dress. In addition, the museum features a display of archaeological artifacts uncovered at sites surrounding Santiago Atitlán. When our weavers are available, we can also do weaving and warping demonstrations for visitors upon request. 


Open: 9am-5pm Monday - Friday

Entry: free of charge.

Tour cost: Free

Tour duration: 20 minutes on average

Community Tours

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The Cojolya Association's community tour gives you the unique opportunity to visit our artisans in their homes and workshops as they practice their crafts. Whether you are interested in Santiago Atitlán's history of indigenous resilience or Cojolya's approach to Fair Trade, you've come to the right place to explore our beloved pueblo.  


See how threads were made thousands of years ago, how weavers warp threads to  prepare their looms, how intricate jaspe dye patterns are created, and how expert weavers at work on the Maya backstrap loom. Visit the workshops of Cojolya's master weavers and learn about the history of the region's traje (traditional dress) and the changes that have occurred in Santiago Atitlán's traje over time. The tour is in Spanish, but an English translator can be provided upon request. The tour is appropriate for all ages.

Hours: 9 am- 5pm

Cost: Q100 ($13) per person for groups of 6 or more

Q125 ($13) per person for groups from 3 - 5 

Q175 ($23) per person for groups of 1 or 2.

Tour duration:1.5 to 5 hours

Let us know which techniques from the gallery above you'd like to see. 

Please inquire about scheduling a Community Tour at least 24 hours in advance.