As a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the Cojolya Association is dedicated to upholding the WFTO's ten fair trade principles by ensuring a fair living wage, safe work environment, professional development opportunities, and more for our artisans. As each and every Cojolya product carries the WFTO fair trade certification, you know that our beautiful textiles meet international fair trade standards.

World Fair Trade Organization

Through the FODESA (Programa de Fomento y Desarrollo Artesanal) program, FUNDAP supports the Cojolya Association by providing our artisans with professional development training and other resources. Cojolya is grateful to FUNDAP for providing us with our three sewing machines and for providing funding and technical support for our eight annual professional development training sessions. 


Individuell Manniskohjalp (IM) is a development partner of Cojolya. Through its Economic Empowerment program, Cojolya has been able to expand its network of beneficiaries and fund our social program, Mano a Mano por el Desarollo. Furthermore, IM has provided capacity building workshops and network opportunities.

Individuell Manniskohjalp (IM)

Each year, the Cojolya Association hosts a Princeton in Latin America fellow, who joins the association's staff for one year. Princeton in Latin America partners with NGOs across Latin America to place recent graduates in the field of international development in yearlong service fellowships. 

Princeton in Latin America