Our Artisans

Meet our artisans; the heart of Cojolya and the people behind every product.

The artisans who create our products are the heart of the Cojolya Association, and our distinctly local, multi-generational nature has built relationships rooted in trust. Each piece we sell comes tagged with the name of the artisan who created it, which we hope inspires a sense of togetherness in both our consumers and producers. Tz'utujil Maya women's fierce stories of strength are a daily inspiration to our Association. Scroll below to see the people who make it all happen.

Petronila Sapalú Pop
María Sosof Ixbalán
Master Weaver / Maestra de Tejidos
Mercedes Cúa Petzey
Weaver / Tejedora
Andrea Sicay Mesía
Warper and Weaver / Urdidora y Tejedora
María Tiney Sosof
Weaver / Tejedora
Magdalena Reanda Pacach
Warper and Weaver / Urdidora y Tejedora
Andrea Reanda
Embroider / Bordadora
Dolores Quinac Petzey
Weaver / Tejedora
Juana Mendoza
Weaver / Tejedora
Josefa Pablo
Weaver / Tejedora
Catarina Reanda
Weaver / Tejedora
Catalina Reanda Quiejú
Weaver / Tejedora
Dolores Reanda
Weaver / Tejedora
Rosario Ixtetelá English
Weaver / Tejedora
Magdalena Ixtetelá Tzina
Weaver / Tejedora
María Reanda Coché
Weaver / Tejedora
Nicolasa Rujuch Reanda English
Weaver / Tejedora
Juana Chavajay
Weaver / Tejedora
Salvador Pablo
Carmen Quievac
Weaver / Tejedora
Candis Ramirez Chavajay
Embroiderer / Bordadora
Antonio Ramírez
Founder and Director of Production
Marcela Ixbalán Sosof
Weaver / Tejedora
Brenda Mendoza
Weaver / Tejedora
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Comercial Las Máscaras, 2nd floor, Calle Real
Cantón Tzanjuyu, Santiago Atitlán
Sololá, Guatemala


(502) 7721-7268

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