Learn the millenary art of Back Strap Loom Weaving
" I gained an enhanced appreciation for the intricate work the women do on the back strap loom - I heartily recommend trying it!"
Try out the Back Strap Loom

Travel authentically, get to know Santiago.

With the guidance of our master weavers, take your turn at the backstrap loom. Experience all the steps of weaving process, from preparing your loom to adding the finishing touches to your weaving. Each participant will design and produce a length of woven cloth to keep.


Classes are fully customizable, and can be adapted to your skill level and schedule. Past students have worked with our weavers on basic skills such as setting up the loom, warping the threads, and beginning weaving, as well as more advanced skills such as creating patterned weaves and working with rope fibers. Let us know what interests you!