Thread, Weaving, Assembly.

Our pieces experience three main steps before retail: thread, weaving, and assembly.

Scroll through the creation process below to understand the lives of our products.

1: Thread

All of our products have their humble beginnings as thread. Before manufactured threads became common, the cotton had to be harvested, treated, dyed, spun, and warped. Before weaving, artisans use the thread and a bundle of sticks and ropes to create a unique rustic loom.

2: Weaving

At the loom, the weaver transforms a bundle of threads into a finished textile. The backstrap loom, which has been associated with the Maya for at least 5,000 years, is completely human-powered, as the weaver creates tension in the loom by wrapping a strap on one end around her back. The other end is secured to a tree, wall, or post.

3: Assembly

After our artisans weave our textiles, our confeccionista puts our pieces together into the beautiful products we sell. We keep the scissors far away from our textiles, and never cut them down to size but rather weave them to the correct proportions.